Kärger, Jörg

Diffusion under Confinement

Sitzungsberichte der Sächsischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig. Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Klasse
Band 128, Heft 6

ISBN 978-3-7776-1240-9

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1. Introduction
2. Zeolites - an Ideal Model System for Studying Diffusion under Confinement
3. Diffusion: Fundamental Principles and Ways of Observation
3.1 Basic Laws of Diffusion
3.2 The Different Techniques of Diffusion Measurement
3.3 Diffusion Measurement by NMR
3.4 Possible Reasons for a Remarkable Discrepancy
4. Structure-Mobility Relations in Zeolitic Diffusion
4.1 The Propagator Representation of Zeolitic Diffusion
4.2 The Different Patterns of Concentration Dependence
4.3 Correlated Anisotropy of Diffusion
4.4 Single-File Diffusion
4.5 Molecular Traffic Control
4.6 Diffusion and Reaction
5. Conclusion and Acknowledgement

2003. 49 p., 14 b/w ill, 1 b/w tables.
soft cover

S. Hirzel Verlag

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